In the field of personal counseling, the value of the Pastoral Counselor's role has gained overwhelming recognition.  Research shows that around 75% of counselees prefer to see a counselor who will accommodate their values and beliefs.

Pastor Lynn has a unique approach to Pastoral Counseling that is both refreshing and reassuring.  From her training and over 30 years experience in both conventional personal counseling, and spiritual counseling, she has amassed a variety of counseling tools and techniques.  This enables Pastor Lynn to adapt and tailor her counseling sessions according to the unique needs of the person being counseled.

What really sets Pastor Lynn apart from other counselors is her natural perceptiveness and compassion.  Her honesty, integrity and understanding puts her clients at ease, and they find themselves in a relationship where they can be frank and transparent, without fear of criticism or judgement.

Pastor Lynn does not sugar-coat the truth, but will work with her clients to make positive choices and take effective steps to resolve their issues.

Feel free to contact us via our link, or call (727) 492 0429 to take the first step.  Your communication will be treated with complete confidence and sensitivity.